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Letterboxing Glossary: O

other letterbox
An other letterbox is anything that is not covered by the existing classification for boxes such traditionals, virtuals, postals, LTCs, event boxes, and so forth. Often times, an other “box” is nothing more than a stamp that is shared between members.
A cross-country race in which competitors use a map and compass to find their way through unfamiliar territory.
orienteering compass
A compass with the housing mounted to a clear, rectangular base plate and can turn easily. To learn more about compasses and how to use them, please read the Compassing 101 tutorial.
Orienteering compass
orienting arrow
An arrow on the housing of an orienteering compass used for setting the compass.
A letterbox planted in a distant, far-off location that the creator cannot check on regularly, or possibly not at all. When another letterboxer volunteers to take care of an orphan, it becomes an adopted box.
The owner of a letterbox is the person who is the person responsible for maintaining a letterbox. All letterboxes have one and only one owner, although owners may have others who help them maintain a box. If the owner is not also a planter, the box is considered adopted by the owner.