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  1. Hit the Trails-Hiking Man Dawson Springs, KY
  2. Sending Love Greenbush, ME
  3. Puppy Love Old Town, ME
  4. Old Florida Chimneys #1 Florida
  5. Wabasso Beach: Golf Heart Wabasso Beach, FL
  6. First Love Manhattan Beach, OR
  7. 37777 Love Louisville, TN
  8. 37737 Love Friendsville, TN
  9. 37771 Love Lenoir City, TN
  10. Tiki Teeth Lahaina, HI
  11. 37329 Love Englewood, TN
  12. Dopamine Harleysville, PA
  13. Moon in Love Lake Grove, OR
  14. Lessons With Love Mount Cumberland, TN
  15. Carpe Noctem Bowling Green, KY
  16. Circle Poem Love Lamy, NM
  17. Party of Love Gudger, TN
  18. The Friendly Fighting Automaton Bowling Green, KY
  19. Kat's Moon Lansdale, PA
  20. Love Birds Rivergrove, OR

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