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  1. Alaska Man Homer, AK
  2. Buckner Fox Whittier, AK
  3. Hold On To Me Cantwell, AK
  4. Lake County Views Nice, CA
  5. Berry Nice Cupcake Kingsbury, NV
  6. The Other Brookhaven: Jake West Beaverton, OR
  7. Cowgirl Farmington, NM
  8. Cowboy Farmington, NM
  9. America The Beautiful Apache County, AZ
  10. Cutie Pie Planet Earth
  11. These Bones Bluff, UT
  12. Running Free (Rated R) Beaverton, OR
  13. Old Town Road Farmington, NM
  14. Sunswirl Michigan
  15. Where Dinosaur Tracks End Canon City, CO
  16. Miss Witch Mesick, MI
  17. RECON 2022 Cambridge, MA
  18. Synchro: Aquamarines Nashua, NH
  19. Sonic @ Beaver Lisbon, ME
  20. WWI Flying Ace Colorado Springs, CO

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