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  1. Double Hearts Love Huntersville, NC
  2. Fur Baby Love Cornelius, NC
  3. Big Heart Love Davidson, NC
  4. The Betty White Show (1977-1978) Salmon Creek, WA
  5. Dragon Love Salmon Creek, WA
  6. Enflamed Love Felida, WA
  7. Hometown Connections Harrisburg, PA
  8. Holiday Leftovers Voluntown, CT
  9. I Love AQ Zion Hill, TN
  10. “Boop-Oop-a-Doop, Love” Hazel Dell, WA
  11. What would you do? Marcellus, NY
  12. Ready for Dessert? Voluntown, CT
  13. Zentangle of Love Wesleyanna, TN
  14. Brotherly Love McMinn County, TN
  15. Popcorn Love Alvin, IL
  16. 37309 LOVE Etowah, TN
  17. On the Wings of Love Topsham, ME
  18. Paul is Dead Men Tell No Tales Planet Earth
  19. Sisterly Love Eastham, MA
  20. Ripples of Love Wellfleet, MA

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