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Letterboxing Glossary: A

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abandoned letterbox
Abandoned letterboxes are simply boxes that are no longer maintained by the owner. Perhaps the owner moved away or dropped out of letterboxing, the box has been abandoned and the owner can no longer be reached.
adopted letterbox
An orphaned box that another letterboxer volunteers to check up on and take care of.
Letterboxers often assume one or more “secret identities” for a variety of reasons, and these secret identities are called aliases. Learn more about aliases and why you might consider adopting one for yourself on SpringChick’s An Alias Among Us.
altered books
An altered book is exactly what it sounds like—doing something to a book that would physically alter its characteristics. For letterboxers, this might include creating letterbooks, but that’s usually as far as a letterboxer will alter a book. But there’s a large group of people whose hobby is to alter books in a very big way by turning them into photo albums and keepsakes, ripping pages, pasting in ticket stubs, and so on. The kind of thing that would give a book crosser nightmares!
An edible organic spheroid which falls to the earth under the influence of gravity. Rarely confused with oranges.
attempted box
An attempted letterbox is one that you tried to find and believe is missing.