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An Alias Among Us

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About the author
SpringChick is a 40-something year-old woman living in Michigan, who originally wrote this piece on her blog.

She enjoys photography, book binding, altered art, writing poetry, traveling, boating, music and web design.

It is not uncommon for letterboxers to use an alias—I guess in a way we all assume an alias when taking on our trail names. But in addition to the commonly known pseudonyms like SpringChick, Funhog and BindleBabe, many boxers have one or more covert aliases. Over the past year there have been a few membership requests at the Great Lakes Yahoo! group from list members wanting to also join with an alias (my lips are sealed). I am on one list where everyone uses an alias other than their commonly known trail name. It kind of adds to the mystique of the game.

So why do people use an alias? Well, there are many cool things you can use an alias for:

Uncool things to do with an alias:

A few things to keep in mind if you use an alias: