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How can I e-mail clues to myself?

You can run simple, location-based searches on Atlas Quest by sending an e-mail to with the location for your search as the subject of the e-mail. Atlas Quest checks this e-mail address once per minute, runs a location-based search with a 30-mile radius for active boxes, and e-mails the results back to the address you mailed it from. This is regular location-based search, and any location that works on the website for a location-based search will work here as well. The usual default settings that hide strikeouts, abandoned boxes, missing and retired boxes, and boxes without clues will still be used.

If you send the search request from an e-mail address registered with your account on Atlas Quest, your Letterbox Preferences will be used instead of the defaults, and boxes you've already planted or found will be hidden from the results. Only the first 30 matches results will be returned.