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Help: PDAs and Cellphones

  1. Can I use my web capable cell phone to browse AQ ?
  2. How do I transfer clues to my iPod?
  3. Is there an iPhone app for AQ?
  4. How can I e-mail clues to myself?
  5. Is there an Android app for Atlas Quest?
  6. Is there a BlackBerry app for Atlas Quest?

Can I use my web capable cell phone to browse AQ ?

In this day and age most basic cell phones are capable of surfing the web, although some carriers may charge extra fees to do so. These cell phones are capable of using Atlas Quest. This comes in handy when you are out on the trail and want to look at clues, search for boxes, or just needing to catch up on recent posts on the message boards.

Ryan has programmed Atlas Quest to be a very fast loading site. In fact, for the first several years, he created, managed, and updated the site over a dial-up connection! There are very few pictures and multimedia stuff to bog down a cell phone's simple Internet browser. This means that things should load fairly quickly. With that being said, Ryan does not guarantee that any feature will in fact work over a cell phone, as the site was never created for, and/or tested using one.

Some problems you may encounter while using a cell phone
  • Drop down menus may or may not work, including the menu bar found on the top and bottom of all AQ pages except clue pages.
  • The screen will most likely be displayed in an unconventional manner as it is simply too small to display the pages as they were meant to be seen.
  • You may not see the images in Atlas Quest's Themes

For devices with e-mail capabilities, you can also run location-based searches through e-mail.

How do I transfer clues to my iPod?

  1. Highlight and copy the clue you want to save.
  2. Paste it into TextEdit, or another word program that can save things in the plain text format (.txt). Save it in the text format. (On a Mac, in TextEdit, this is under the Format heading, and says, "Make plain text.")
  3. Name the file with the town and name of the letterbox.
  4. Make sure your iPod is on manually "Manage Songs & Playlists" mode. Plug your iPod into your computer. From the summary tab, select "Enable disk use" or "Manually manage songs and playlists."
  5. Drag this file into the Notes folder of your iPod.
  6. Now it's available on your iPod on the trail! (In the Extras category, under Notes)


Storing and Reading Notes with your iPod

Is there an iPhone app for AQ?

Clue Tracker is a letterboxing app that is compatible with both Atlas Quest and LbNA. Clue Tracker was created by MichKathy and TrailMark (Pearl Crescent).

- Find nearby boxes based on the current location of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
- Find boxes by location, name, or box ID.
- View detailed letterbox information including last found date and series details.
- Show letterboxes on a map and get directions to a box.
- Built-in compass display (device support required).
- Record finds.
- Save clues and other letterbox information for offline use.
- Organize saved letterboxes into your own lists and reorder boxes to create custom itineraries.
- Share a list of saved letterboxes with another Clue Tracker user (or transfer the list to another iOS device).
- Sort/filter search results and lists of saved letterboxes.
- Set or modify the location of a saved box.
- Add Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) letterboxes.
- Add your own photos to saved letterboxes and WOM boxes.
- Add personal notes.

- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 8 or later.
- Available on App Store.

There is a Clue Tracker AQ Forum where you can ask questions or make suggestions.

BoxFinder is another iPhone app for letterboxing, but was officially discontinued in July 2016.

How can I e-mail clues to myself?

You can run simple, location-based searches on Atlas Quest by sending an e-mail to with the location for your search as the subject of the e-mail. Atlas Quest checks this e-mail address once per minute, runs a location-based search with a 30-mile radius for active boxes, and e-mails the results back to the address you mailed it from. This is regular location-based search, and any location that works on the website for a location-based search will work here as well. The usual default settings that hide strikeouts, abandoned boxes, missing and retired boxes, and boxes without clues will still be used.

If you send the search request from an e-mail address registered with your account on Atlas Quest, your Letterbox Preferences will be used instead of the defaults, and boxes you've already planted or found will be hidden from the results. Only the first 30 matches results will be returned.

Is there an Android app for Atlas Quest?

MichKathy and TrailMark created a Clue Tracker app for Android. It is similar to the iOS app; more information is available on the Clue Tracker website and on Google Play.

There is a Clue Tracker AQ Forum where you can ask questions or make suggestions.

There used to be Box Radar for Android, but that app has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Is there a BlackBerry app for Atlas Quest?

Sorry, but no, there are current no native BlackBerry apps for Atlas Quest at this time. If you are interested in developing one or know someone who is, please have them contact Green Tortuga to access that AQ API.