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Animals Requested for Homeschool Co-op Event

Type: stamp request
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Posted: Feb 7, 2019
Expiration: Mar 7, 2019


We are organizing a picnic and letterboxing event for a local homeschool group at which we will be educating the parents and families about letterboxing as an outdoor, thinking, fun, hunting game. We will be planting twenty-something boxes.

If anybody would like to help us with a carve, it would be appreciated. Ideally, stamps would be around two inches each, though we can use larger stamps.

Following are the animals that we still need for this event. If you are willing to carve the names on the stamps, that would be cute, too, as the children have chosen them.

Callen the Bear
Abigail the Cockatiel
Giada the Cheetah
London the Hamster

These will stay planted as permanent plants after the event.

Ben the Dog -- BEJays
Hugo the Cat -- RDHG
Alyson the Turtle -- Moms_Play
Callen the Bear
Myles the Monkey -- Moms_Play
Reece the Wolf -- BrockBrood
Kyan the Sheep -- Astrophel
Katelyn the Giraffe -- Moms_Play
Alaina the Barn Owl -- Mama Dee
Levi the Snake -- H of RDHG
Ben the Horse -- BrockBrood
Abigail the Cockatiel
Laney the Dolphin -- Super Hedge Hoggie
Nora the Red Panda -- Super Hedge Hoggie
Giada the Cheetah
Eamon the Puffin -- Team Awesome Pants
Tess the Penguin -- Moms_Play
Robert the Hedgehog -- Team Awesome Pants
Cecilia the Toucan -- BEJays
Hannah the Kangaroo -- Super Hedge Hoggie
London the Hamster
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