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Cartoon Christmas Stamps

Listed by: EchoProfileContactLogbookNote
Type: request
Posted: April 29, 2021
Expiration: June 15, 2021
I am do an event in July called- Christmas in July.

I would like to have 12 stamps from different countries. The carves would be used in the event as a night boxing series using candles to light the way.

Due by June 15, 2021

The countries listed are examples of countries that have cute cartoon like stamps.

No bigger than 2 x 3 in size

United States-BinoBoxer
Australia- Carved by Echo
Mexico-Travling B
Switzerland- Unicorn Detective
England- paper trail
Portugal- Mosaic Butterfly
Greece- Sunflower Smiles

Thanks for your help. Echo

Send me a message on AQ if you are interested in carving for the event.