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For those of you with websites of your own, you can now link to Atlas Quest using any of the links below! They come in several color themes and sizes to suit just about any webpage. Simply copy the provided HTML code for the link you want directly into your website and your done!

Letterboxing Stats for Green Tortuga Copy HTML (50 x 200 pixels)

Since you are not logged in, this sample does not show your PFX count—please log in to get code that shows your stats. Use our Statistics Label Creator to customize the colors and tagline for your own website!

Atlas Quest: International Letterboxing Copy HTML (250 x 300 pixels)

This photo changes with each reload

Copy HTML (210 x 161 pixels)

You can also use our Build-A-Search feature to customize the colors and include the ability to search just your own letterboxes (for registered members only)

Altas Quest: A letterboxing website Copy HTML (150 x 150 pixels)