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A Letterboxing Community

Atlas Quest

Plant-a-Letterbox Day

International Plant-a-Letterbox Day started in the spring of 2006. Flowers were blooming, the sun was coming out, and spring was in the air. It was a time to start letterboxing, and encourage others to plant a letterbox, many for their first time. Jokes were made about crashing Atlas Quest with all the new letterboxes being listed. (Fortunately, this did not happen.) A record number of letterboxes were listed that day, May 24, 2006.

We had so much fun, we did it again in 2007. And again in 2008. And again and again. Want to join the fun? Plant a letterbox on May 24th, then list it on Atlas Quest. If you’re busy that day, it’s okay to plant it the day before or day after the event—it’ll still count as long as the plant date is May 24th. The complete list of rules and regulations can be found at the bottom of this page.

2022 Statistics
Total boxes listed247
Total traditional listed228
Total non-traditional listed19
Total planters78
Total traditional planters74
Total non-traditional planters9

2021 Statistics (Monday)
Total boxes listed285
Total traditional boxes listed273
Total non-traditional boxes listed12
Total planters90
Total traditional planters82
Total non-traditional planters11
2020 Statistics (Sunday)
Total boxes listed357
Total traditional boxes listed320
Total non-traditional boxes listed37
Total planters88
Total traditional planters83
Total non-traditional planters11
2019 Statistics (Friday)
Total boxes listed106
Total traditional boxes listed86
Total non-traditional boxes listed20
Total planters48
Total traditional planters42
Total non-traditional planters7
2018 Statistics (Thursday)
Total boxes listed171
Total traditional boxes listed134
Total non-traditional boxes listed37
Total planters68
Total traditional planters56
Total non-traditional planters14
2017 Statistics (Wednesday)
Total boxes listed125
Total traditional boxes listed105
Total non-traditional boxes listed20
Total planters66
Total traditional planters62
Total non-traditional planters10
2016 Statistics (Tuesday)
Total boxes listed282
Total traditional boxes listed249
Total non-traditional boxes listed33
Total planters104
Total traditional planters96
Total non-traditional planters14
2015 Statistics (Sunday)
Total boxes listed133
Total traditional boxes listed117
Total non-traditional boxes listed16
Total planters79
Total traditional planters71
Total non-traditional planters12
2014 Statistics (Saturday)
Total boxes listed365
Total traditional boxes listed341
Total non-traditional boxes listed25
Total planters120
Total traditional planters109
Total non-traditional planters20
2013 Statistics (Friday)
Total boxes listed1,696
Total traditional boxes listed1,671
Total non-traditional boxes listed25
Total planters275
Total traditional planters265
Total non-traditional planters22
2012 Statistics (Thursday)
Total boxes listed820
Total traditional boxes listed768
Total non-traditional boxes listed52
Total planters226
Total traditional planters202
Total non-traditional planters38
2011 Statistics (Tuesday)
Total boxes listed618
Total traditional boxes listed561
Total non-traditional boxes listed57
Total planters225
Total traditional planters211
Total non-traditional planters36
2010 Statistics (Monday)
Total boxes listed776
Total traditional boxes listed700
Total non-traditional boxes listed76
Total planters212
Total traditional planters199
Total non-traditional planters29
2009 Statistics (Sunday)
Total boxes listed769
Total traditional boxes listed697
Total non-traditional boxes listed72
Total planters317
Total traditional planters296
Total non-traditional planters46
2008 Statistics (Saturday)
Total boxes listed916
Total traditional boxes listed756
Total non-traditional boxes listed160
Total planters352
Total traditional planters315
Total non-traditional planters76
2007 Statistics (Thursday)
Total boxes listed482
Total traditional boxes listed337
Total non-traditional boxes listed145
Total planters204
Total traditional planters197
Total non-traditional planters28
2006 Statistics (Wednesday)
Total boxes listed269
Total traditional boxes listed231
Total non-traditional boxes listed38
Total planters121
Total traditional planters116
Total non-traditional planters24

Rules and Regulations

We’ve had some abuses with Plant-a-Letterbox Day in the past, so we’ve created a more formal list of rules about which boxes count and, more importantly, which ones will not count towards PAL Day. This list contains the official rules.

In the spirit of Plant-a-Letterbox Day, all boxes that you plant should be planted in a single day. In the past, we’ve had people planting boxes for weeks or even months then saving the clues to list for PAL Day—that’s really not in the spirit of this event so please don’t do that. For your boxes to count, they must abide by the following rules:

There’s also a Plant a Letterbox Day Widget available for My Page that counts the state-by-state totals. A little friendly competition is fun, but it needs to stay friendly and that hasn’t always happened. As a result, there are a few additional rules that apply if you want your plants to count towards the state totals. These rules don’t apply to the count totals listed on this page, though—just the PAL Day widget’s state counts.