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Hey, folks, settle down. This was just an April Fool's joke. None of these attributes really exist, nor is there any plan to implement them. — Ryan

New Letterboxing Attributes!

For years, people have quizzed me wanting new attributes for letterboxes. Winter-only boxes, adult-only boxes, Summer-only boxes, hunting season warnings, and so forth. And I've resisted most of them. Oh, I had excuses. It was too much work to implement. It was impractical for whatever reason. But I got to thinking about it, and you know what? They are excuses. Or, at least, they were excuses. There's no reason I can't support all these options and more. Geocachers have been doing it for years, so why shouldn't Atlas Quest?

So by golly, I've done it. At long last, every attribute you could possibily need is now supported. Here's a list of all the new attributes you can select:

Animal Dangers
SlugBanana Slug Crossing RaccoonRabid Raccoons Nearby MosquitoMosquito Swarm
Fire AntFire Ants Nearby TickTick Area ChiggerChigger Alert
Black BearBlack Bear Alert Grizzly BearGrizzly Country Polar BearPolar Bear Area
Black windowBlack Widow Alert ScorpionScorpion Alert BeesKiller Bees Nearby
GatorAlligators/Crocodiles Nearby CougarCougar/Panther Sighting Feral dogFeral Dogs Nearby
BoarWild Boars Nearby FlyBlack Flies Will Swarm You DinosaurDinosaur Crossing
BatsVampire Bats Nearby RhinoRhino Stampede CowCow Hazard
SnakeVenomous Snakes Nearby ROUSRodents of Unusual Size (ROUS) DeerDeer/Moose Rutting
Dangers from Plants and Lower Life Forms
Poison oakPoison Oak/Poison Ivy/Poison Sumac Stinging nettleStinging Nettle in Area CactusCactus Alert
BerriesBerries on Trail HantavirusHantavirus Danger BiohazardBiohazard
People Dangers
GunHunting Season Danger VikingVikings Nearby KnightKnight in Shining Armor Nearby
ClownKiller Clown Nearby HomelessHomeless in Area RangerLookout for Park Ranger
CowboyCowboy Country PotPot Smokers Nearby AlienAlien Abduction Area
Weather Dangers
SnowmanHypothermia/Frostbite Danger LightningLightning Danger FireHigh Fire Danger
Natural Obstacles
PoopHigh Poop Area CaveInside Cave MountainSteep Terrain
VolcanoVolcano Warning CliffDangerous Cliff MagnetMagnetic Flux Zone
Human Obstacles
ChopperMilitary Firing Range TrainRailroad Crossing ConstructionConstruction Area
ArcherArchery Range Nearby HandgunCar Prowls GolfGolf Course Nearby
Nearby Facilities
CameraKodak Photo Spot WaterDrinking Fountain Nearby HamburgerFast Food Nearby
FossilFossils in Area CemeteryCemetery Nearby CampingCamping Nearby
FishingFishing Allowed ATMATM Nearby WiFiWiFi Available
NuclearNuclear Fallout Shelter Nearby PrisonPrison Nearby RestroomsRestrooms Nearby
No cellCell Phone Dead Zone ObservatoryObservatory Nearby PlaygroundPlayground Nearby
PicnicPicnic Tables Available CarouselCarousel Nearby CampfireFire Pit Nearby
HelicopterEmergency Helipad Available HospitalHospital Nearby BeachBeach Area
Necessary Tools
BoatBoat Required Fire extinguisherFire Extinguisher Recommended ShovelShovel Required
ScubamanScuba Diving Required BandaidBandaids Recommended MapMap Required
TruckOff-Road Driving Required FlashlightFlashlight Required SunburnSunscreen Required
Letterbox Details
FootprintGravel Footpath BeerPub Box HeartMarriage Proposal Happened Here
LbNAListed on LbNA AQAQ Exclusive WOMWord-of-Mouth (WOM)
ThumbHitchhiker Friendly GeocacheGeocache Nearby AdultAdults Only
BonusBonus Box GhostCursed/Haunted Letterbox MoonNight Only Letterbox
SnowflakeSnowbox (winter only) SummerSunbox (summer only) CautionCaution Required
Miscellaneous Stuff
PoisonPoisoned Groundwater GnomeGnome Crossing FlamingoPink Flamingo Danger