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Gift a Premium Membership Premium Perk!

Undoubtably, anyone would be thrilled to get the gift of premium membership! There are two ways to pay: electronic or snail mail. Regardless of which option you choose, the price to gift a premium membership is $39.

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Electronic Payment

Pay electronically to gift a premium membership in seconds by using any major credit card or PayPal.

NOTE: If you include no message at all, a notification for the premium membership will NOT be sent. Their premium membership will be quietly added or extended on the specified date, either for them to notice on their own or so you can personally inform them of the gift.

Snail-Mail Payment

Mail a personal check or money order for $39 to:

Atlas Quest
PO Box 16131
Seattle, WA 98116

Note 1: Please make payments out to Atlas Quest.

Note 2: Make sure to include the trail name for the person receiving the premium membership, the date you want the premium membership to start, and any message you would like included with the notification they will receive