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Dee suggested I created an online gallery so everyone can see pictures that have been suggested and to help narrow down what kind of pictures I'm looking for—which I thought was a great idea! =) It also allows me to know which pictures people like or dislike and narrow down exactly what should go in the calendar. These were submitted for the 2006 calendar, but you can also get a good idea of what I'm looking for by viewing the 2006 and 2007 calendars.

For the moment, I've shrunk the pictures so they'll load quickly, but if it becomes necessary to post larger images, I can do that too. This is just a sounding board to generate discussion on picture that should and should not be included in the calendar and to help generate ideas. =)

In all honesty, I don't really like this picture for the calendar since it looks too much like a typical tourist picture. It's nice, but not exceptional. Perhaps with a sunrise or sunset in the background, rising over the lake. Or a silhouette of a canoe rowing quietly by. Or if there's a solid mountain nearby, climbing to the top and looking down might give it a more dramatic view. There's more that can be done with a picture like this.

Similar to the first picture where there's just nothing especially exceptional about the picture. Well, and the guy in the foreground is kind of distracting. =) But I do like the idea of having a picture of a covered bridge in the calendar. The picture I have in my mind would have few signs of obviously modern times. (I only mention that because the 'maximum height' thing on this bridge takes away from the beauty of it, I think.) Getting an angle where the bridge and the river running under it would be nice as well. I like pictures of water. =)

This picture I really, really like. The only thing I can really complain about here is that I'd rather not have the tree in the foreground cover as much of the waterfall as it does. Is it possible to get a picture like this without a tree blocking the center of it? The picture also seems a bit dark, though I'd have to compare it to a lighter version to see what I think works best. (Taking lots of pictures of the same scene is definitely a good idea. Sometimes it can make a world of difference depending on the time of year, lighting, water levels, etc.)

I like this picture for the simplicity of it. It's bright, it's green, it's a happy picture. =) I bet cows call this place heaven! The tree just looks fascinating, growing bigger and bigger, but doing all it can to make sure it doesn't touch the ground following the slope of the ground.

Basically the same picture, but I included most of the second tree in it. Couldn't decide which I liked better. I'm kind of partial to this one myself—IF I can get a picture of the second tree in its entirety, not sliced halfway through. Almost looks like the picture makes a face with the trees being ears. Can't you see Shrek in this picture? =)

These are great pictures! Clearly taken near sunrise or sunset with that nice, soft lighting. The one complaint I have is the shadow a tree is casting on the middle of the column, but I doubt there's much one can do about that. All-in-all, a beautiful little picture and I'd thrilled to use in the calendar! I'd probably go with the wide photo since it fits the calendar better.

A good solid picture. The lighting could be improved if taken near sunrise or sunset. Cast better shadows, add more contrast. And for the calendar I'd prefer the wide photos rather than the tall ones, but I'd definitely use this imagine in a pinch!

All of these pictures are nice. I'm kind of worried about how the photo would help people find a letterbox, however, with a couple of these. That forest of trees is pretty, but how would someone be able to find that particular view of the forest? It's so dense and nothing pops out that would help someone find the correct location among all the trees. Letterboxes at locations like that don't really seem suitable for photo clues without some sort of marker in the photo to let the finders know "This is it!"

Is this on public property? In any case, animal pictures are nice, but I'd rather not see the fence keeping them in. Or at least have it in the background where it's not so noticeable.

I like the picture, but how long would a letterbox last here before winter floods washed it away? Or could you hide a box at the point where the photo was taken, safe and dry up high?

I like the location, but it seems like the season is wrong. In fall, the trees behind the chair could be lush with fall colors. In spring the background could have green hills. This picture seems 'dead', though the location I think has a lot of potential!

Why does this train have such a weird-looking color? It doesn't really look like that, does it? I'll admit, though, I love trains. I'm a sucker for trains. If anyone has a really good train picture they could use for the calendar, I'd love to include one! =)

I know I wanted more 'nature' type pictures, but all of these are really good, I think! Cute, interesting, unique. The pumpkins would look great for October! However, I am concerned—are there really places to hide a letterbox in these photos? Those pumpkins don't look too permanent. The bridge might have possibilities using magnetic containers or something. The statues don't seem like they provide any hiding places at all that I can tell, though.

A cruise ship? Besides the fact that I think it would be awfully hard to hide a letterbox on a cruise ship, I don't think many letterboxers would likely be able to get on it to find it! The other photos might work in a pinch, I suppose, but they seem too much like 'tourist' pictures to me. Nice, but nothing especially noteworthy about them either. The photos seem to lack that visual impact I'd like to see.

Seeing as these were the only winter photos submitted, I'd be inclined to use one of them. =) Being very public places, however, I'm kind of concerned about how long a letterbox here would last.

This is a great little picture. It's scenic, the light is good, the hiding place is clear enough. And anyone who thought to use the AQ logo to mark the location of the letterbox deserves kudos for kissing up to the judge. ;o) It's hard to see in this shrunk down version of the photo, so I enlarged the section where the AQ logo was cleverly used to indicate where the letterbox is located. I'll probably use the AQ logo to mark letterboxes on all the pictures for the calendar because I think it's such a cute little idea. =) At least any photo where the letterbox location is actually IN the photo, and not "from the point of view of the photo" or "off to the side of the picture."

A nice photo. =) I'd prefer if the grass were green and taken near sunrise or sunset might improve the light which is a bit harsh, but a good location and a decent photo. *nodding* =)

I like the covered bridge, though the light is a bit harsh. You can even see some flare coming through the mouth of the bridge!

A daring black and white submission! =) I like the idea of having a B&W photo in the calendar, and this seems like the perfect place for it. I still wish this picture had a bit more contrast in it, but I really like the fact that it's not in color. Something different and interesting. =) Hey, if anyone is up for it, I just LOVE a really good B&W infered photo! Expensive film, that is, but it's really cool stuff! Anyone that takes a good B&W infered photo is almost guaranteed to get in the calendar! ;o) But black and white photos are encouraged too!

The waterfall is nice. *nodding* The old equipment—does that still work? I can't really tell from the picture if it's abandoned or still in use. Not that it matters for the picture, but I'm kind of curious. =) The tall photo, besides being tall rather than wide like I prefer, seems to have lost its focus on the equipment. A good foreground point that was relegated to the background. The third picture still finds the equipment in the background, but that's okay because the building up front gives something to look at in the foreground.

And that's it for the moment. Lots of good stuff to work with here! =) If you want to discuss some of these pictures—what should be included in the calendar, shouldn't be included, influence my decisions, etc.—please do so on the Premium Members Only board. Also, keep in mind that while I've protected the innocent/guilty identities of those who've submitted photos, they're all premium members so please don't get rude. :O Constructive criticism is fine, but useless bashing of any is not.

Happy trails!