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User Attributes

With the growing number of users on Atlas Quest, these images help tell you a little about the person at a quick glance such as the number of boxes planted or found or even if the member has recently updated their profile.

To learn more about a specific image such as precisely the number of boxes planted or the date the user updated their profile, you can hover your mouse cursor over the images and more detailed information will be displayed.

Graphical Attributes

The table below provides detailed information about what each graphical attribute stands for:

Profile Clicking on a profile will take you to that user's Atlas Quest profile.
Logbook Clicking on an image of a logbook will take you to that user's logbook entries.
Contact You'll frequently find envelopes next to a user's trail name, and clicking on it allows you to send a message to that user.
Trophy Trophies represent the number of planted letterboxes. Silver trophies represent between 10 and 99 planted boxes, while gold trophies represent between 100 and 999 boxes. The number on the trophy matches the first digit of the number of planted letterboxes.

For example: A silver trophy with the number 5 on it means the person has listed between 50 and 59 letterboxes on Atlas Quest. Another example: A gold trophy with the number 1 on it means the person has listed between 100 and 199 letterboxes on Atlas Quest.


Ribbons represent the number of found letterboxes. The ribbons are color coded to the numbers on them, then count the number of 'strips' behind the ribbon and add that many zeros after the number. That'll give you a rough idea of how many finds the person has.

First, the colors: blue = 1, red = 2, white = 3, yellow = 4, green = 5, pink = 6, purple = 7, brown = 8, light blue = 9.

Second, the design: A ribbon with one background strips = x10. With two background strips = x100. With three background strips = x1000. With four background strips = x10000.

A couple of examples will help make this more clear: A blue ribbon with one background strip behind it means the person has found between 10 and 19 letterboxes listed on Atlas Quest. (1 x 10 = 10) A yellow ribbon with the two background strips means the member has found between 400 and 499 letterboxes. (4 x 100 = 400) And a red ribbon with three background strips means the member has found between 2,000 and 2,999 letterboxes. (2 x 1000 = 2000)

And if all that is just too confusing, just hover your mouse cursor over the ribbon and it'll tell you exactly how many finds the person has. =)
Stars represent the number of messages the member has posted to the Atlas Quest message boards. After 25 posts, a member gets a single, yellow star. After 50 posts, they get a second yellow star. And after 75 posts, three yellow stars.

Upon their 100th post, the stars begin to change colors. First red, then blue, and finally, after 10,000 posts, they will begin to turn purple. The full cycle is shown below:

One Yellow Star25 - 49 posts One Blue, Two Red Stars1,000 - 2,499 posts
Two Yellow Stars50 - 74 posts Two Blue, One Red Star2,500 - 4,999 posts
Three Yellow Stars75 - 99 posts Three Blue Stars5,000 - 9,999 posts
One Red, Two Yellow Stars100 - 249 posts One Purple, Two Blue Stars10,000 - 24,999 posts
Two Red, One Yellow Star250 - 499 posts Two Purple, One Blue Star25,000 - 49,999 posts
Three Red Star500 - 999 posts Three Purple Stars50,000 on up!
Updated Profile An egg wearing sunglasses (for lack of a better image!) means that member has updated their profile within the last seven days. It may be nothing more exciting than adding a favorite food to the profile, or it may be they have filled out their interview!
New Member This image of an egg about to hatch indicates that the user is new to Atlas Quest and will appear for the first two weeks from the time they signed up.
Cake The picture of a cake means this user is celebrating an anniversary—the anniversary of the date they signed up on Atlas Quest!
Year A fully-formed spider web means that this member has not logged in for at least one full year.
R.I.P. This is one icon you will never see next to your name, and you would probably prefer if others did not see it next to your name either since it means you have died. We won't delete your account if we find out about your death, but it lets other people know why you are no longer replying to AQ mail or maintaining your letterboxes. It also means there is a tribute section for you in the letterboxer obituaries.
Feathered Cap Those with premium memberships at Atlas Quest get a feather in the cap to recognize their important contribution in helping to fund Atlas Quest. Additionally, as premium members, they get access to special features not accessible with a free membership. Learn more about the benefits of a premium membership and how you can become one too!