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Event Organizer Help

Planning, organizing, and hosting your own letterboxing event can seem like an overwhelming task at times, so Atlas Quest provides the Event Organizer—a do-it-yourself kit to help you plan, organizer and publicize your own gathering. We can't do everything for you, but we can make the process as easy and simple as possible!

Event Name

Very straight forward: This is the official name that your event should be known as. Preferably, it should be a unique name to help ensure it does not get confused with events that others are planning, but there are essentially no restrictions for the name of the your event except that there needs to be one!

Graphical Attributes

The table below provides detailed information about what each graphical attribute stands for:

Box The cardboard box means an event will be hosted in a box friendly venue. This can mean letterboxes are already planted in the park or that attendees will have the opportunity to hide their own letterboxes for the event. Examples of locations that may not be letterbox friendly include indoors locations such as shopping malls and restaurants, or outdoor locations where the land managers are known to forbid letterboxing. Keep in mind, however, that even in national parks—known for their staunch opposition to letterboxing because letterboxes are "abandoned property"—may allow temporary letterboxes in the picnic area for the duration of your event, so even events in national parks could be considered box friendly.
Potluck The chicken leg means the event is a potluck and attendees are expected to bring some sort of edible foodstuff for others to enjoy. Alcoholic beverages are discouraged, however, since many locations prohibit them not to mention the liability concerns involved.
Pet Friendly A pet friendly venue is simply one that allows pets. Most indoor locations are not pet friendly locations, and many parks do not allow pets—particularly on the trails. If you hold your event at a location that allows pets (leashed or otherwise), let your attendees know by checking this image.
Fees The image of the coin means there will be some sort of fee associated with the event—most likely an entrance or parking fee at the event's location.
? A mystery gathering means the date and time of the event are a mystery that attendees must figure out for themselves to attend. If an event is marked as a mystery event on Atlas Quest, the date and time of the event will stay hidden until after the event is over, but you must still enter that information when creating the event.

Starting & Ending Datetime

What you would expect this to mean—the starting and ending datetime for your event. Most of the time, the starting and ending dates should be the same, but some events last for several days and such events are supported by Atlas Quest. The date and time should be the local time where the event will be held. This information is required even for mystery gatherings, however it will not be shown publicly until after the event has already ended. Additionally, listing events in the past is supported so attendees can still show they've attended a gathering before Atlas Quest supported events.

Park Name

The name of the location where the event will be held. For outdoor events, this will usually be the name of the park. For indoor events, this will usually be the name of the restaurant or shopping mall where the event will be held. If you want to keep this information secret to make the location a mystery, you should type Mystery or Surprise! or some other appropriate note to let attendees know they'll have to work to get this information.

Street Address

List the street address for the location of the event here. The street address will be displayed to help attendees find the park, and it will be used to generate maps on MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, or Google Maps to help the attendees find the location. These mapping services also allow you to list an intersection as a location, so if you cannot find a numerical street address for a given park, list an intersection of streets instead. (e.g. "Woodside Dr and Southwood Dr") The street address is optional information that you do not need to provide.

City, State, & Country

List the city, state, and country where the event will be held here. State and country abbreviations may be found on our Supported Countries, States, and Provinces page. The city name is optional and if it is omitted, the location of the event will be a mystery. At a minimum, you must specify what country the event will be held in, but the city name and state is optional if you'd like to keep the location of the event a bit more secretive.

Location's Website

If the location of the event has a website, many attendees may find the information found on it useful. For instance, the website may contain maps of the park, operating hours, pet restrictions, and additional information. If the event's location has a website, provide it in this space. If the event's location does not have a website, leave the box blank.


List any additional details about your event that attendees should know about. If you are hosting a mystery gathering, provide the clue for attendees to find and attend your event here. Primitive HTML formatting is allowed, limited to the bold, italic, underline, and <pre> tags.

RSVPs and Notifications

Event organizers have the option of tracking RSVPs for events, and if so, the option of getting notified whenever someone new signs up for their event. Check the appropriate RSVP button for which of the three options you prefer.