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The Atlas Quest event planner allows those hosting letterboxing gatherings to display quite a bit of information about the event. While most of the information should be obvious, this help page was designed to go into more detail about what each piece of data is for and how it should be used.

Event Name

Very straight forward: This is the official name for the event.


Usually, the contact is the host of the event, though there can be exceptions. If multiple letterboxers are hosting the event, select one person to be the contact to help simplify communicating with the letterboxing community. Additional credit for event hosts can be provided in the Details section. The person who lists the event on Atlas Quest will be listed as the contact.

Graphical Attributes

The table below provides detailed information about what each graphical attribute stands for:

Box The cardboard box means an event will be hosted in a box friendly venue. This can mean letterboxes are already planted in the park or that attendees will have the opportunity to hide their own letterboxes for the event. Examples of locations that may not be letterbox friendly include indoors locations such as shopping malls and restaurants, or outdoor locations where the land managers are known to forbid letterboxing. Keep in mind, however, that even in national parks—known for their staunch opposition to letterboxing because letterboxes are "abandoned property"—may allow temporary letterboxes in the picnic area for the duration of your event, so even events in national parks could be considered box friendly.
Potluck The chicken leg means the event is a potluck and attendees are expected to bring some sort of edible foodstuff for others to enjoy. Alcoholic beverages are discouraged, however, since many locations prohibit them not to mention the liability concerns involved.
Pet Friendly A pet friendly venue is simply one that allows pets. Most indoor locations are not pet friendly locations, and many parks do not allow pets—particularly on the trails. If you hold your event at a location that allows pets (leashed or otherwise), let your attendees know by checking this image.
Fees The image of the coin means there will be some sort of fee associated with the event—most likely an entrance or parking fee at the event's location.
? A mystery gathering means the date and time of the event are a mystery that attendees must figure out for themselves to attend. If an event is marked as a mystery event on Atlas Quest, the date and time of the event will stay hidden until after the event is over, but you must still enter that information when creating the event.

Starting & Ending Datetime

What you would expect this to mean—the starting and ending datetime for your event. Most of the time, the starting and ending dates should be the same, but some events last for several days and such events are supported by Atlas Quest. The date and time is the local time where the event will be held. This information will not be displayed for mystery gatherings until after the gathering has ended.


The location box will contain the name and address where the event will be held, as well as links to MapQuest and Google Maps to help you find your way to the event! These links are generated automatically by Atlas Quest and there's a small chance the location that the event host has indicated is not supported by the websites—especially for locations outside of the United States. Additionally, if the location of the event has their own website about the park's facilities and directions and the event host provides a link to it, it will be available here.

View Album/Upload Photos

If a photo album is associated with a specific event, you can view the album by selecting the View Album button. If you have photos to contribute to the event's photo album, select the Upload Photos button where you will have the opportunity to upload photos for or of the event.


Any additional details that the event host thinks you should know about they will list in this section.

RSVP/Signup List

This is a listing of all letterboxers who plan to attend an event (if it has not already occurred) or that have attended an event (if it has already occurred) and the number of people in their party—including themselves. This allows the event host to know roughly the number of people who will attend so they can better organize the event. Please, only include members of your party that are not accounted for already. For instance, if you and your significant other each have accounts on Atlas Quest, sign up separately each as a party of one so the total count between the two of you is two.

Anyone who has RSVP'd for an event will automatically be rolled over as an attendee once the event has completed, so there is no reason to come back to record having attended the event.

You can adjust the number of your party—which includes yourself—at any time, and entering a value of zero will remove yourself from the RSVP or Signup List.

The contact for the event will also have an option to send an announcement to everyone on the signup list. Using this option makes it quick and easy to inform signed up members of last minute changes or other essential information you need to get out about the event.

Nearby Letterboxes

To help event attendees locate clues for letterboxes in or near the event, Atlas Quest provides the Nearby Letterboxes box. It will list all letterboxes within ten miles of the event that you have not planted or already found. Additionally, letterboxes that are known to be unavailable or retired will not be included. The clues will be sorted based on distance to the event's location, so the closer letterboxes will be listed first while more distant boxes will be listed towards the end of the list. If more than 50 separate letterboxes fit that criteria, only the first 50 will be listed. Additional letterboxes may be searched for with our Advanced Search capabilities. Or, if you're driving to the event from out of the area, you might find the Trip Planner more helpful.

Personal Travelers

To help you figure out what personal travelers might be at an event, this listing shows all active personal travelers for members who have signed up for a given event that you haven't yet recorded as a find. Please note that this may not be a complete list since it will only include personal travelers that are listed on Atlas Quest and only include those from people who have signed up to attend the event on Atlas Quest.

Event Boxes

A list of event boxes that are scheduled to be in attendance at the event, or, if the event has already taken place, a list of event boxes that were at the event.

Promote Event

Use the buttons from this link to help promote this event on your own webpage, or even allow people to sign up for the event from your site!