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A pink flamingo, carrying the world on its back

History of Pink Flamingo Day

Pink Flamingo Day started in 2007 by the mayor of Leominster, Massachusetts, to honor the creator of the plastic lawn flamingo, Don Featherstone, and the ubiquitous plastic pink lawn flamingos.

To participate in the celebrations, decorate your yard on June 23rd each year with plastic pink flamingos. Allegedly, a minimum of four flamingos are required to have a decent-sized flock, but more is better!

Fun fact

The scientific word for a flock of flamingos is a flamboyance.

How to help save the flamingos

Plastic pink flamingos have become somewhat of an endangered species due to discrimination and short-sighted individuals who refuse to allow them room on their lawns. If you have space for bird baths and traveling garden gnomes, then there is clearly space for a small flock of pink flamingos as well!.

Not only does this provide a safe sanctuary for the poor creatures, but it will also promote awareness of their plight.

Several pink flamingos decorate a lawn
A flocked lawn that I spotted in Seattle

Getting Flocked

A person’s yard is flocked when a group of pink flamingos is planted in their yard. A standard flocking lasts from 5am until evening, at which time the flock “migrates” to the next yard.

This is often used a fund-raiser where people pay a small amount to have their friends or family’s yard flocked. A small flock with 12 flamingos goes for $10, a mid-sized flock with 24 flamingos goes for $15 and a large flock—and come on, if you flock a yard, you really should go big!—a large flock would have 36 flamingos for $20.

Not everyone wants their yard flocked, however, so you can always sell Flamingo Insurance to anyone who does not wish their lawn to be flocked. Ten bucks is the usual base rate for Flamingo Insurance.

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