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Black Lives Matter Theme

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a black man, was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis. It was a senseless, needless death and if it had not been captured on video by civilians, they probably would have gotten away with it. George had been arrested, was lying face down in the street and handcuffed and begging for his life saying that he couldn’t breath while the officer knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. During the final three minutes, George was completely motionless.

This senseless police brutality generated hundreds of protests. The slogan Black Lives Matter wasn’t new, but it grew in intensity. Not just around the United States, but across the world. I created this theme in solidarity with the protests.

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Marjorie holds a protest sign that reads “Black Lives Matter”

I’ve had people not very sympathetic toward the BLM cause say that they disagree with the protests because “all” lives matter—and I’m going to go out on my soapbox and declare anyone and everyone who says that as horribly racist. Some of you might read this and have used the phrase yourself and you might not consider yourself racist—but let me explain why it is such a horribly racist thing to say.

It’s a phrase being pushed by racists and white supremists. They don’t say that all lives matter because they believe it, but because they want to deny that racism exists. This movement is about fighting racism. It’s not about black people except to the extent that they have suffered disproportionately hard because of racism. They are the proverbial poster child of this movement. Saying that black lives matter is saying that you are against racism. It does not mean that other lives do not matter. It does not even imply that colored people are the only kind of people who face discrimination and racism. Black lives matter is a movement against racism, discrimination and police brutality. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then you have some dumbass that comes up and say, “NO! All lives matter.” And they think they are pretty clever, because who can argue that all lives are not important? Even people who support the black lives matter movements will admit that all lives are important, but it’s changing the subject. It would be no different than if I said, “Racism is bad and we need to do something about it” and you reply, “No! Global warming is bad!”

Yeah, okay, and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Why are you trying to change the subject? Does it make you uncomfortable to admit that racism is alive and well? Or is it because you are racist and you want to dilute the BLM movement?

But let’s say neither of those things are true. You truly believe from the bottom of your heart that every human being is a precious life and matters. All lives matter. What kind of stupid slogan is that? It’s like the participation award in a race—it’s meaningless. To say that “all” lives matter is like saying that no lives matter.

If I said, “Hey, I think we should help crack babies, veterans and the mentally ill,” would you retort “NO! All lives matter”? Then why would you do that to people protesting against racism and police brutality?

If you are against racism and police brutality, say it loud: BLACK LIVES MATTER! If you want to make the world a better place, speak up and say it louder: BLACK LIVES MATTER!

You don’t have to abandon other noble causes to support the black lives matter movement. We still need people to fight for the environment, to fight for women’s rights, to fight for children that are being abused and a million other important causes.

And what’s more American than protesting against injustice? This country was founded on the basis of throwing off a tyrannical ruler that treated us like second-class citizens. So get out and protest! Even if the black lives matter movement isn’t your cup of tea (not necessarily because you are pro-racism, but just because there are other causes that are more relevant to your life), get out and protest! Make the world a better place!

But whatever you do, don’t dismiss the BLM movement with all lives matter. It’s a phrase that racists and white supremists have adopted as their mantra. It’s kind of like the swastika. For thousands of years, the swastika was a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck until those Nazi bastards ruined it for everyone. In today’s environment, you can’t say that “all” lives matter without the underlying subtext that black lives don’t matter and that racism and police brutality do not exist.

Black Lives Matter!

Set Black Lives Matter Theme