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Msg: 457016
Subject: Re: Where The Wild Things Are...(yawn)
Board: Movie Moments
Author: beastwith5handsProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 12:02 AM
Reply to: Msg 456643 by Idhunna
i'm 24 and went with my husband to see it an i loved it. i can't imagine taking kids to see it, most would probably get bored. but i thought it was beautiful to look at, and i loved the story. i thought it really captured childhood, and how scary and amazing and frustrating it could be.
Msg: 457017
Kelsung Subject: Re: Just a Stamp vs Stamp & Logbook
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Author: KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 1:19 AM
Reply to: Msg 456449 by Kirbert
Actually, I suspect the idea of a logbookless letterbox could become reasonably popular

I couldn't DISagree more. I would have far less knowledge of who found my plants without the logbooks, because most finders don't post their finds online. I'll give you an example:

Yesterday I checked on a box I replaced just four months ago. According to the logbook, since that time it was visited on 17 separate dates, sometimes by groups of 3 or 4 boxers. Out of over 30 different boxers who've stamped into the logbook, 1 logged a find on AQ, 2 logged a find on LbNA, and 3 others logged a find on both. Of those six people, only two actually left a comment

In other words, 80 percent of the people who stamped that logbook did not log their find online. This is a little extreme. I'd say on average it's more like 50/50. But even then, that's significant enough that I highly doubt an online-only logbook would be viable.

Msg: 457018
Kelsung Subject: Re: Just a Stamp vs Stamp & Logbook
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Author: KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 1:25 AM
Reply to: Msg 456962 by Trailhead Tessie
The primary purpose of a logbook I think was to prove to others you had been there

No. The point of a hand-carved stamp is that if you have the stamp image it proves you'd been there. The point of the logbook is to leave a record for future boxers and the planter of your adventure. One is something you take with you, the other is something you leave behind.

Msg: 457019
Kelsung Subject: Re: Puzzle Clues Make Me Feel Stupid
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Author: KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 1:39 AM
Reply to: Msg 456501 by KuKu
There are many more out there, and once you wet your feet in some of these, you may find yourself looking for others online.

Just thought I'd be evil and point these out:

Msg: 457020
Kelsung Subject: Re: Finding a grave at a cemetery
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Author: KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 1:14 AM
Reply to: Msg 456583 by koalacat
You may need to ask yourself how you expect boxers to find your plant. If you plan to use the grave as the starting point to the clues, and you can't find it, how do you expect others to find it?

Obviously, once you've found the grave and planted, perhaps you plan to give directions to the grave in the clues, which is fine, so nevermind.

I've only found a few boxes in cemeteries, but they were some of my favorites.

Msg: 457021
Subject: wow!
Board: Nanowrimo
Author: RomanaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 1:52 AM
went to our region's start at midnight party, and there was a really horribly bad musician there who thought he could sing and play guitar. He couldn't even find the tune to gilligan's island. seriously, he tried. even though he had music and words in front of him, he still couldn't find the tune. sheesh! I turned on my mp3 player and cranked it up and tried to ignore the man wailing in the corner. would you sing songs in public that you didn't know all the correct words to? well, he did. or tried to. I'm not sure I'd wall what he was doing singing though.

but as a result of hyper focusing in on my manuscript to block him out, I finished 1707 words in an hour and a half, between midnight and 1:30. a whole day's quota, finished! woohoo!

I'm off to bed, I'll likely write more when I get up. Chapter two is waiting for me.

Msg: 457028
Team New Hampshire Subject: Re: question
Board: Region: Northeast
Author: Team New HampshireProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 4:26 AM
Reply to: Msg 456753 by mudflinginfools
Well no the blazes are pained on the rocks!

David (Team New Hampshire)
Travelin' with Team New Hampshire
Msg: 457029
ArchimedesScrew Subject: Re: Pumpkin Carving
Board: Yakking It Up
Author: ArchimedesScrewProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 4:27 AM
Reply to: Msg 456997 by GreenJello
Didn't use my 1v, though.

The 2V is much better for pumpkins.
Msg: 457030
MissMoon Subject: Re: Just a Stamp vs Stamp & Logbook
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Author: MissMoonProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 4:40 AM
Reply to: Msg 456798 by Don and Gwen
I'm so glad I gave you a laugh. Now I can sleep at night.

Msg: 457031
mudflinginfools Subject: Re: question
Board: Region: Northeast
Author: mudflinginfoolsProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 4:41 AM
Reply to: Msg 457028 by Team New Hampshire
That's cause even the trees have given up on the heights - they are scared of heights too ; )

Tea drags my up anyways... I usually hug a tree. If there aren't any at the top - what will I hug???

Msg: 457036
Teacup Subject: Re: question
Board: Region: Northeast
Author: TeacupProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 4:55 AM
Reply to: Msg 457031 by mudflinginfools
Your freakin' clipboard!!
Msg: 457039
Nitrocat Subject: Re: wow!
Board: Nanowrimo
Author: NitrocatProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:09 AM
Reply to: Msg 457021 by Romana
That's wonderful! I just knocked off a whopping 116 words before church just to get rid of the zero on my profile. More later.

Msg: 457042
Subject: Re: Dog Walk
Board: State: Connecticut
Author: BrandyProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:34 AM
Reply to: Msg 457007 by Trailhead Tessie
Oh, sorry, I didn't think it was. It's listed by town.

Go back and read the clue. It doesn't tell you what park it's in.
Msg: 457043
Subject: Re: question
Board: Region: Northeast
Author: ConnfederateProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:43 AM
Reply to: Msg 456345 by Team New Hampshire
Hey Now, David!

I say go for it...or as the sneaker ad put it: Just Do It. Do it for you, do it for those who like the challenge, do it for "Ha Ha's", do it 'cuz you can...

Not all 'boxes are for all people,
Msg: 457045
Mn8X Subject: Re: ESPN GAME DAY...
Board: Sports Emporium
Author: Mn8XProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:48 AM
Reply to: Msg 456375 by FORAYCH
I missed it! Is there somewhere on line that I can watch it? Or did you happen to tape it and are able to send or post the video somewhere?
Msg: 457046
Sahalie Subject: Re: More stamps than motivation
Board: State: Massachusetts
Author: SahalieProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:53 AM
Reply to: Msg 455766 by Wild Animals
Sounds like I'm going to have to make another trip to Massachusetts soon. I'll have to come when there isn't a gathering going on so I can concentrate on all the other wonderful boxes out there.

Msg: 457047
PunkSoulBrother Subject: Clues... and possible help
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Author: PunkSoulBrotherProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:57 AM
If you search for a LB and come up empty. Then you click on the profile of the planter and they haven't been on the site in a while. So your chances of getting any clarification help are slim. Can you then ask the last letterboxer that found that LB for help?? Sometimes someone else might know where you went wrong since land marks change or sometimes clues are hard to follow. I was just wondering, or is that considered a no no or something.
Msg: 457048
Sally O Subject: Re: Dog Walk
Board: State: Connecticut
Author: Sally OProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 5:59 AM
Reply to: Msg 457042 by Brandy
I don't think she mentioned the name of the Park here she just said Dog Walk. But I think the Cats are safe.
But I know your concerns. We'll be careful next time we post.

Msg: 457050
Sahalie Subject: Re: Positive Vibrations for Oldhounder
Board: The Grateful Letterboxers!
Author: SahalieProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:03 AM
Reply to: Msg 456536 by zess the treehuggers
I so appreciate that you are keeping us posted on what's going on with Oldhounder. With so many Good Vibrations coming from this wonderful group, he must be feeling a special happy & healing tingling by now. Bob & I wish the best of outcomes for this unique and awesome character. Sending good vibes to Siamese also. Please continue to keep us posted on how Oldhounder is doing.

Msg: 457052
Okie Dog Subject: Re: Does your cat shed?
Board: Knitters and the Fiber Arts
Author: Okie DogProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:10 AM
Reply to: Msg 457014 by nsfbeads
Maybe some sort of sculptural wall hanging thingy.

That sounds interesting, but a much larger item than I would have thought you would go for with those cat beads, ha ha. Sounds like a project that would take a long, long time. Go for it!
Would love to see what a cat bead looks like, is it furry, after all, or so tightly wound/tufted that it is slick?
Msg: 457053
Sahalie Subject: Re: Baby Goofy has arrived!!!!
Board: The Grateful Letterboxers!
Author: SahalieProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:12 AM
Reply to: Msg 456415 by zess the treehuggers
Congratulations, and welcome Baby Goofy Girl. Hurray for he newest and youngest new member.

*** ** ** ***
*** ****** **** ****** ***
*** ***Throwing sparkly pink confetti!!!**** ***
**** *** *** **** ****
*** *** **** ***
**** *** ***
* ** ** *

Msg: 457054
Subject: Re: Clues... and possible help
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Author: BrandyProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:14 AM
Reply to: Msg 457049 by koalacat
Another was a few months ago about how a clue was coded.

You emailed the last finder to ask about solving a mystery box? I've had people do that to me. I won't help them to solve someone else's mystery. They don't usually like that, but it's not my mystery to give away.
Msg: 457055
koalacat Subject: Re: Trick or Treaters
Board: Yakking It Up
Author: koalacatProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:14 AM
Reply to: Msg 456970 by Trekkie Gal
I didn't see any of the kids really. My mom handed out the candy, and only held the door open 2 inches. She kept making comments. A teenage boy came to the house wearing a sleeveless dress.
Msg: 457056
Chedva Subject: Re: Fiskar's 3 Corner punch
Board: Tools of the Trade
Author: ChedvaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:18 AM
Reply to: Msg 456914 by Hale s Angel
No, I don't know about the Fiskar's corner punch, but I bought the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper off internet a couple months's still not being sold in local stores, but it is FABULOUS! It has 2 corner sizes, the 1/4 and the 1/2. Both work fine with LTCs, and you can "Chomp" several cards at once. It's one of my favorite purchases since I started in this hobby...
Msg: 457057
Subject: Re: Baby Goofy and GG update
Board: Yakking It Up
Author: Celtic MomProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:22 AM
Reply to: Msg 456924 by Goofy girl
Congrats from all the Celtic Clan Family.
We all love ya and wish you and family well and may God bless you and yours!!!!

Celtic Mom
Msg: 457059
Sahalie Subject: Re: question
Board: Region: Northeast
Author: SahalieProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:27 AM
Reply to: Msg 456345 by Team New Hampshire
This sounds like a great idea and challenge. I wouldn't be concerned about whether it's "fair" for all boxers or not. Not all plants are for all boxers. Letterboxers can pick what's right for them, and ignore the ones that aren't. I love seeing new ideas for planting. Go for it!

Msg: 457060
carolina wine trail Subject: Happy AQ-versary!
Board: Look at Me! Look At You!
Author: carolina wine trailProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:32 AM

Let's wish a Happy AQ-versary to:

Fabuliz - 4 years
lunascarab - 3 years
4GC - 2 years
Beas' Hive - 1 year
Chica - 1 year
Jaxom and Sharra - 1 year

Rolls in the delicious cake, releases the party balloons, and sprinkles the multi-colored confetti - left by Goofy Girl to be enjoyed during her absence

Carolina Wine Trail
Msg: 457065
heyokah man Subject: Re: Fiskar's 3 Corner punch
Board: Tools of the Trade
Author: heyokah manProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 6:57 AM
Reply to: Msg 456914 by Hale s Angel
try this site
Msg: 457067
theseekers1108 Subject: Re: 4L EVENT !
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: theseekers1108ProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 7:04 AM
Reply to: Msg 456977 by The Wolf Family
Holy smokes! It may not have been a good idea to have started this war....

Nah.... it's just a friendly game between friends..... FOR NOW!!
I don't know what we're going to do if we're out to eat in a group and both of us are there.... THAT could get interesting.
Of course, we could be twins... good and evil..... Everyone would SURELY know which one is WITCH... er... I mean... WHICH.
(I'm such a clever lass today)

Dina B.
Msg: 457068
Kaaren the Vampire Slayer Subject: Re: Trick or Treaters
Board: Yakking It Up
Author: Kaaren the Vampire SlayerProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 1, 2009 7:12 AM
Reply to: Msg 456908 by koalacat
Atlas Quest: International Letterboxing
Over three years ago, we moved to a very rural town, and to the outskirts of that town at best. We've had four Halloweens here. Year 1, we stayed here to trick-or-treat and it was awful. Because we're in the sticks, our side streets have ZERO street lights. Hardly any houses had their lights on and we did terribly, so I hopped into the car and went to our old neighborhood 30 minutes away to finish off the night.

Last year and the year before, we skipped our town alltogether and headed to our old city again.

This year, I decided to stay home since Halloween fell on a Saturday. I figured we'd get way more people. We decorated, carved pumpkins and played spooky music out of the open front windows. The kids went with my husband while I stayed home. I think we got a total of 5 separate door knocks, with maybe a total of 15 kids.

I'm taking the candy to work tomorrow. Ugh!
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