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Msg: 969233
Subject: Trouble logging an unlisted attempt
Board: Letterboxing Help Desk
Author: YankeeChiKProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Dec 9, 2018 3:37 PM
I've tried several times to log an unlisted traditional attempt today and each time, it records it as a find. At first, I thought I didn't check the box for attempt, but I removed the find and tried two more times to log luck. The unlisted box is called Surfing in USA. It is currently showing up as a traditional find.

This is unrelated and persnickety, but I'm also curious why AQ sometimes changes the capitalization of an unlisted box. I try to be very precise and list boxes exactly as they are presented to me. I noticed twice today when logging unlisted stuff that AQ changed the capitalization. This Surfing in USA box is one example. It is listed on LBNA just as I typed it and this is how I tried to list it. AQ changed it to Surfing In USA (with a capital I). I know that's not a huge deal, but sometimes caps are used or not used for emphasis and I'd like to be able to preserve that in the box title.
Re: Trouble logging an unlisted attempt — Green Tortuga
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