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State: Michigan

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Msg: 969205
Janila Subject: Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Author: JanilaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Dec 9, 2018 3:54 AM
Reply to: Msg 969198 by BBStacker
That's pretty cool, and easier to see my current sign ups.

Not a Michiganer here but I do have a few AQ tricks up my sleeve also. For instance, in order to see my event sign ups, I just created a search for them and then saved it, calling it "My Upcoming Events". New ones are added in date order and as their date passes, they disappear from the list. That way they are all grouped together with the next one I will be attending showing up first. I have "Favorite Searches" as one of my widgits on My Page so the list is only a click away.
Re: Letterboxing Conversations — Angel Winks
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