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State: West Virginia

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Msg: 969104
Road Junkies Subject: Re: Ethical question
Author: Road JunkiesProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Dec 5, 2018 5:29 PM
Reply to: Msg 969091 by wvelliotts
Has it occurred to you that the people who have planted boxes in the New River Gorge area are not aware of a policy such as the one you describe?

We planted a box there yesterday, and we're assuming that's what triggered your post. We reviewed the NPS web site for the New River Gorge National River and checked the park's published policies including the superintendent's compendium. No prohibition of letterboxes (or geocaches) was mentioned that we could locate. If you know where to find this rule on the park web site, please post a link.

You say "it's known not to plant there," but how can one know there's a prohibition if it is not publicized by the park? Is this a rule that the rangers themselves have adopted on their own?

Thanks for any links you can provide to the publication of this official policy.
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