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State: West Virginia

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Msg: 969096
Wise Wanderer Subject: Re: Ethical question
Author: Wise WandererProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Dec 5, 2018 3:05 PM
Reply to: Msg 969091 by wvelliotts

I applaud you for respecting the rules and not planting there. If I were faced with this, I would send a message to the planter letting them know that these boxes are in violation of the Park's rules, and that you are aware of previous boxes being discovered and removed (and discarded?). So, if they value these plants, they should probably remove and relocate them to a more acceptable location, before that happens.

I wouldn't go beyond warning the planter, though. I wouldn't remove them myself, or "out" them to the Rangers. Let the inevitable happen if the planter ignores you.
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