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State: North Carolina

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Msg: 968189
TeachJR Subject: Re: Announcing: POWER PLANT challenge
Author: TeachJRProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Nov 11, 2018 7:50 AM
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Reply to: Msg 967575 by Super Hedge Hoggie
I have a virtual event going for the same reason. Illinois is celebrating 200 years - our bicentennial! That gave me the idea to do a virtual event called:

Party Like It's 199 + 1 - Help us Celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial!. It has been great fun to find all kinds of things to celebrate for our state. Many people from many states have joined in on the fun. Then, a friend of mine challenged me to try to get 200 boxes planted for the bicentennial. We now have 129 boxes planted in 11 states! There is even an Illinois Bicentennial box planted in NC!

AQ #296970 Illinois Bicentennial: The Road to 200 Went Through NC by Outdoorsoccer

I think as letterboxers we should place focus to planting as well as finding. And, we must be creative to encourage people to plant boxes. I applaud your POWER PLANT challenge! I have planted 36 boxes for the Illinois Bicentennial event so far plus a few others.

Keep the wonderful ideas coming! Hope you think about travel to Illinois next summer and find many of the Illinois Bicentennial boxes along the way to join us at Homerdoodle in the Woods on July 20th.
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