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Msg: 28836
The Wolf Family Subject: Re: First finder prize
Author: The Wolf FamilyProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Jul 13, 2006 2:47 PM
Reply to: Msg 28815 by The Purple Ladybug
I don't do first finder's prizes for boxes for an event or WOM boxes, but I do them on regular boxes (this is just my personal preference only!).

I do certificates sometimes with other prizes, sometimes just the certificate. We have created bookmarks and framed images from the stamp image, a little story book with the stamp series, put in related store bought trinkets, modified store bought trinkets with the image and note of first finder, put in a WOM clue as a prize (mine), put in related HH-- I like to make it so you never know what might be in there. :)
Re: First finder prize — knit wit
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