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Msg: 74096
3CatFam Subject: Traveling Hitchhiker Hostel?
Board: Event News and Planning
Author: 3CatFamProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Feb 23, 2007 10:59 AM

I posted this on the Yahoo Event Stamp board too.

I've created a hitchhiker hostel for our upcoming gathering. (The hostel is called Camp Granada Hitchhiker Hostel, the event is the No Foolin' Letterboxing Gathering on April 1st in San Jose, CA.)

Now, I've spent sufficient time in designing this little guy, and I know he'd never survive the wild. So, I was going to have it active only for the gathering.

Then I thought, why not let this hostel travel much like an event stamp? As long as the hitchhikers were replanted reasonably quickly, this would be a very efficient means to move hitchhikers en masse.

Has anyone tried this? Is this a profoundly BAD idea?

If this is not the dumbest idea on the planet, would anyone be interested in this traveling hostel? If so, how would I go about advertising.

So many questions this morning!

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