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Atlas Quest Announcements

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Msg: 74094
Green Tortuga Subject: Mexican Maps
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Author: Green TortugaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Feb 23, 2007 10:53 AM
For those of you heading south of the border, the City Directory now includes Mexico. =)

Some of those Mexican towns can be hard to find since we don't have no clue what the states there are and I just made up abbreviations to fit anyhow. Hopefully having click-through maps will make it a bit easier to find boxes in the area you go! Even the city names aren't always what you might expect. (e.g. Ciudad Juarez instead of just Juarez) Also helps to figure out the city and state when it comes to listing boxes.

Darn it feels good to finally get that map done. I actually created the map over a year ago but never put it up because about five or six of the links to towns didn't work and I never got around to fixing them. It's about time I finally finished this! Now if I can just get Canada done..... (I haven't even started Canada, though, so that'll still take awhile.)

The city directory link will still default to the United States, but there's a link on the page now to take you to the Mexico map.

Happy trails!

-- Ryan
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