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Msg: 74039
Wildcats Subject: Vista !
Board: Suggestion Box
Author: WildcatsProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Feb 23, 2007 4:38 AM
Ok we upgraded to a new pc ,VISTA opperating system ! Allot of my programs do not work with this system ,I have had to apply patches to my digital camera ,mp3 player ,digital movie camera ,printer,scanner,and dvd player in pc.Well some of the patches will not be available till the end of Febuary or march .I was also informed that some web sites will not work with this operating system.My point is .i am wondering how that will effect atlas quest and letterboxing sites !Mainly the pda down loads !I was told by Micro soft that on my other pc ,that is xp operating system ! That with in the year my xp will be not enough to run the sites i get to now ! I know this is not the forum place to do this but ,If we all are aware of this early we can prepare for changes.
Re: Vista ! — Eidolon
Re: Vista ! — Green Tortuga
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