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Msg: 73898
Green Tortuga Subject: Re: Indenting
Board: Suggestion Box
Author: Green TortugaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Feb 22, 2007 9:24 AM
Reply to: Msg 73892 by Moondog
Quote Although I suspect the author didn't write out those tags by hand, so how did they come to be used?

Of all the message you have to quote, it's the one posted YEARS ago about me making a little girl throw up you have to choose. What's up with that? ;o)

Anyhow, it's true, nobody typed those things out by hand. There's no such thing as a QUOTE tag in HTML--AQ converts it into a fieldset that has a "quote" class attached to it automatically.

Back in the old days, though, I used block quotes and italics instead. I changed to using fieldsets and style classes for the extra flexibility, though, since I can later change the CSS and still be able to alter the format of old posts without having to change the messages. Rather convenient, really.

Quote is there something else that could be safely and easily implemented for a prettier result? Maybe UL?

Actually, I've been working on some "new and improved" message board stuff. Like if you make a list by starting each line with an asterisk, it'll automatically turn it into an unordered list. I'm not sure exactly when I'll roll it out, but eventually there's going to be a lot more flexibility with what one can do with posts. =)

In the meantime, I've changed the old code to now allow blockquotes, so if you use that as a tag, it'll work fine.

-- Ryan
Re: Indenting — Moondog
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