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State: Florida

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Msg: 73707
Geometry Junkie Subject: Re: boxing at state parks
Board: State: Florida
Author: Geometry JunkieProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Feb 21, 2007 5:06 PM
Reply to: Msg 73167 by Geometry Junkie
I wanted to let y'all know that everything seems to have worked out with my boxes at a Florida State Park. I finally got in touch with the lady who AQ-mailed me. She received an e-mail from Tallahassee and had to find out the location of the boxes. She said that she had to make sure they weren't in a "sensitive area." She also stated that the boxes would be removed before a prescribed burn and replanted afterward. I told her which trail the boxes were on, and she said that they were in a recreational area, and that was fine. The lady was extremely nice. There was no talk of confiscation or permits.

A Very Pleased,
Geometry Junkie
Re: boxing at state parks — Jenni P McD
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