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Msg: 73599
Shadohart Subject: Re: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) anyone?
Board: Art Corner
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Date: Feb 21, 2007 10:10 AM
Reply to: Msg 73574 by mudflinginfools
Oh, sorry. they are Artist's Trading Cards. About the size of a baseball card, the artist can use any medium or combination of mediums to create cards that demonstrate their art, commemorate events or accomplishments, fit a theme for swaps, or just are made for the sake of making them. They are traded and collected among artists through web sites and at art shows. They are rarely if ever sold, though the collections do grow in value.

I recently started doing them because I only recently learned about them. The base can be anything from card stock through watercolor paper. Some use digital photography, paper crafts, scrapbook techniques .... and yes STAMPING! woohoo. However, most of the stamps that I've seen on ATCs are store bought. So I wondered if any of the Letterboxers were doing this with some of their stamps. You are certainly artists whether you believe it or not.

We will not be able to travel to Oregon, Washington, or very many states in the US anymore. Which doesn't stop me from wishing to see and collect your stamps. Postals are one way of doing this, but ATCs would allow you to embellish your stamps even more.

The mere suggestion may inflame some, but believe me when I say that that is not my intent. If you are opposed to trading stamp images in this way, then that is your belief and you are welcome to abstain from joining any swaps that result from this suggestion. However, for the rest, think of it as a postal (and it can be handled in that way - even with the postal tracker) where you create a numbered and signed card that showcases your stamp. You make 10 of them and send 9 to the host who collects cards from 8 other LBrs and then sends you a set of 9 to go with yours to make a set of 10 limited edition ATCs.

It could also be handled that each lbr sends their cards to each of the other recipients. Not sure if that would be better on postage or not, but I've seen it done either way.

What do you guys think?
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