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Stamp Carving and Mounting

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Msg: 660897
Subject: lil guinea pig reports in
Author: tiggermamaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Dec 7, 2011 11:10 AM
P-338F-6863M-6253Inactive > 1 month
Reply to: Msg 660879 by Bubbaloo Magoo
ok, so i've been using the amber Gorilla Glue to stick my stamps to their foam backings since i started. read about it here on the boards. Why? well, since i found a series in NY state that had used contact cement and they were all sliding off their backings after being exposed to moisture over the long haul, and i didn't want that to happen, i took the advice i found and all of my stamps have held up well.

The process goes like this:
1. Get a foam door knocker from a craft store (they're thicker). i dont' use wood because it warps in boxes around here over the winter.

2. cut out the stamp from its medium.

3. spread a thin THIN layer of Gorilla Glue on the back (note to all after yesterday: NEVER use your finger, ALWAYS use a popsicle stick or toothpick as i had been doing)

4. stick stamp to foam door handle. Weight down and leave it alone for 24 hours. No, it doesn't bubble out all over the place if you only use a thin layer. Yes it does if you use too much.

5. When it's dry, cut out your stamp with an exacto knife. Voila!

Does it look like a professionally mounted Kirbert stamp? No. On the other hand, it will survive a New England winter without warping or coming apart. Learned all this from the friend who taught me to box. . .

~tigs the crafty person today (whose fingers still look unwashed and shiny)
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