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Tools of the Trade

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Msg: 59248
Dixie Subject: Re: Camoflage tape
Board: Tools of the Trade
Author: DixieNote
Date: Dec 28, 2006 6:40 AM
P-232F-189M-8645Inactive > 1 year
Reply to: Msg 59227 by Pied Piper
Yes... Wal-Mart but do not get the "removeable" stuff in the hunting and gun supplies that is meant for gun stocks and removes very easy without any residue.

get the camo DUCK tape (a brand name I think it all go it's start as duct tape before the brand name)

At my local wal-mart it is kept in hardware with all the other duck tape colors (they have brown, green and black too) but they move the camo when the seasonal hunting season section goes up for display. Now it is near the "hot hands" and "trail tacks" and "deer urine"...but it gets moved back to hardware with the tapes, glues and silicone adhesives closer to spring and sometimes it is in both places.

I saw a roll at Lowe's (different brand) and it was more than $6. OUCH

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