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State: Tennessee

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Msg: 40134
Green Tortuga Subject: Attn Nashville Area Letterboxers
Author: Green TortugaNote
Date: Sep 29, 2006 3:59 PM
I just got the following e-mail this afternoon you should definitely be aware of:

Quote The attached permit application is for "caches" but the guidelines for
letterboxes would be the same. No one may "hide" an item on Metro
Nashville government park property without permission. The geocaching
community in Nashville came to the parks department for permission and
went through a proposal and approval process. I take the applications
and keep the paperwork on file for safety and security. A volunteer in
the geocache community routinely checks the cache sites for the parks
department for location accuracy, park and people safety, and container
approval and reports back to me. Each approved cache has a Metro permit
affixed to it so Park Police know it is safe.

Please post the guidleines for hiding a "cache" or box in the Metro
Parks system.

Thank you,

Traci Bennett-Hobek
Outdoor Recreation Specialist
Metro Parks and Recreation, Nashville, TN

I've posted the document Traci sent to

I'm just the messenger here--if you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail Traci--e-mail address is in the document.

Please let all letterboxers in the Nashville area know about this. Apparently, they have pulled letterboxes in the past for not following the permit system. *nodding*

-- Ryan
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