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Msg: 186298
Green Tortuga Subject: Minor tweak for those using atlasquest.NET
Author: Green TortugaNote
Date: Feb 12, 2008 8:34 PM
I made this tweak purely for selfish reasons, but some of you who use the AQ mail forwarding to your real e-mail address or write your AQ mails from your favorite e-mail client, you can benefit too. =)

Especially if you use a free e-mail service such as Yahoo or Hotmail. They have a bad habit of adding annoying little signatures to the end of every message you send promoting their services or whatever. You can't stop it.

Until now.

If you end your e-mail with "#end" (without the quotes) on a line by itself, everything that comes after it will be ignored and NOT included as the AQ mail message.

You can also use it instead of deleted a quoted reply that's automatically added to the end of your messages (if you want). Just type #end at the end of your message, and the rest of the e-mail will not be included in the forwarded message after going through the AQ system.

Make sense?

That's how I'm able to post messages to my blog with those annoying little PocketMail promotional tags at the end of the post since I am sending them with e-mail using PocketMail and that's what gave me the idea. If you've gotten AQ mail from me when I mailed it through PocketMail, you've seen the promotional tags they add.

But no more! I'll just type #end at the end of my message, and AQ will ignore everything that comes after it. =)

Just an FYI for those who want to make use of the new tweak.

Happy trails!

-- Ryan
Re: Minor tweak for those using atlasquest.NET — Mama Cache
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