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I can't log into my account. What do I do?

Make sure you are using the correct trail name and password. Passwords are case sensitive. If you've forgotten your trail name or password, you can have your trail name and a new password e-mailed to you from the Lost Password Center.

Ideally, you should log in from the Secure Login page. That insures that your password to sent securely from your web browser to Atlas Quest and no other people could intercept your login information, but some browsers—especially those on PDAs or cell phones—may have trouble connecting to Atlas Quest securely. If you have trouble accessing the secure page, try logging in from our Insecure Login page.

If you try to log in but Atlas Quest returns to the login page with no error messages at all, the problem is probably due to cookies not being enabled. Atlas Quest uses cookies to identify you as you move from page to page on the website. When you first access the website, Atlas Quest sends your browser a unique identifying number that is saved as a cookie. For each page you visit on the site, your browser will return this unique code to Atlas Quest so the site knows whose preferences to lookup, whose favorite searches to show, and so forth. When cookies are not enabled, your browser does not save this unique code and will not send this code to Atlas Quest. As far as Atlas Quest can determine, it thinks you're a completely new person and will send your browser another unique identifying code (which also gets ignored!). Without cookies, Atlas Quest has a severe short-term memory problem and cannot remember you beyond the one page you are currently viewing. Thus, it will continue trying to get you to log in over and over again.

To enable cookies in Firefox:
  1. Select Tools from the menubar of your browser
  2. Select Options... from the drop down list
  3. Click on the Privacy button
  4. Check the box to Accept cookies from sites

Is the browser already set to allow cookies? In that case, something else is blocking the cookies. Some people have experienced problems with Norton security software, for instance, blocking cookies and if you can change the setting to allow Atlas Quest to set cookies, you will be able to log in.