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How do I tag and untag letterboxes?

If you want to add or remove tags from a single letterbox, go to the details page for that box. At the bottom of the right-hand column is a section title Your Tags. Check whichever tags you want on your box and uncheck those that you don't want, then save your changes.

To tag multiple boxes at once from a page of search results, check which boxes you want to add a tag to, then scroll to the bottom of the results where the Tag Control panel is located. Change the label to the color you want to add to your selections, then click Add Tags to add them. To remove a given colored tag from the results, do the same thing except click the Remove Tags options instead.

Note: The tag control works only with the current page of search results! You can't select multiple boxes across several pages and add or remove tags across all of those pages at once.

Also, when you record a find, there is an option to select (or unselect) tags for the box or series you are recording the find on. This is particularly useful if you want to remove a tag once you've found a box or if you are using tags to keep track of boxes you attempted but don't meet the threshold of an attempt on Atlas Quest (which is when you search for the box and believe it to be missing). You can adjust the tags right along with all of the other pertinent details of the find.

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