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How do I list coordinates?

The coordinates of a location should, roughly speaking, mark the center point of the location with latitude and longitude coordinates. If you fail to include coordinates, AQ will attempt to make a best guess at it—perhaps using the city center of your location rather than the specific park.

Coordinates can be specified in a variety of formats including:

  • 50.3 -120.5
  • 50.3, -120.5
  • -120.5 50.3
  • 50.3 N 120.5 W
  • N 50.3 W 120.5
  • 120.5W 50.3N
  • 50 18 0 -120 30 0
  • 50 18 0N 120 30 0W
  • 50°18'0", -120°30'0"

Regardless of which format you enter coordinates, AQ will always reformat it to display the “50.3, -120.5” format, and that is the preferred format for use on AQ.

NOTE: One of the most common errors while entering coordinates is not using the negative sign for longitude coordinates. Most members on Atlas Quest live in the western hemisphere at a negative longitude, and forgetting the negative will put your location into the eastern hemisphere—usually in Europe or Asia somewhere.

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