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How do I narrow down the hundreds of boxes available?

There are several ways to more effectively search through many box listings to find the ones that you would like the most:

  • Learn Atlas Quest's Advanced Search feature. This feature allows you to sort by hike length, by specific planters, only for hand carved, pet friendly, etc. If you change the search type to "area" you can even search for all the mysteries in a particular state. By changing the search type to "trip," that enables the trip planner search which allows you to search stretches along major highways and trails such as Interstates or the Appalachian Trail.
  • Look for boxes that others have rated highly with Blue Diamonds icons.
  • Look for boxes that planters have rated highly (of their own boxes) with Planter's Choice icons
  • Do a search on that city and when it pulls up all the listings, hit the "map results" button in the upper right hand corner. It will give you a map of the locations of the boxes that are listed IF the planter gave the address.
  • Contact a local boxer. Out of all the choices above, a local boxer is going to be the most knowledgeable. You can do this privately in an e-mail (you may notice a lot of boxes in an area planted by the same person) or publicly on the state message boards. Some areas also have developed clue guides with tips and boxes for specific frequently visited places in their area.