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Atlas Quest

Why should I register?

There’s the usual assortment of reasons for creating an account such as giving you the ability to list a letterbox, record a find, contacting other Atlas Quest members, participating on the message boards, and so forth.

The best reason to register, however, is that you can personalize much of this site especially for you. Even a simple search for letterboxes can be optimized when Atlas Quest knows who is doing the search. For instance, if you want to find a letterbox, you probably don’t need to see letterboxes you planted or ones you’ve already found, so Atlas Quest can remove those boxes from the search results. Members of Atlas Quest can also save their favorite searches instead of having to enter them in over and over again—and even be notified when a new letterbox is listed that matches their specific search!

Here are some other member-only privileges available:
  • Creating a personal profile, and be able to read other members’ profile
  • Being able to communicate with other Atlas Quest members
  • Saving your favorite message boards and your place in each of them
  • Create an online logbook of all your planted and found letterboxes
  • Save your preferences
  • Become part of the Atlas Quest community, one of the best online communities on the Internet

And registering is absolutely free. You can upgrade to a Premium Membership at a later time if you choose to, but almost everything on Atlas Quest is freely accessible to everyone.

If you're concerned about your privacy, rest assured that your privacy is very important here. There’s a detailed Privacy Policy if you want to learn more about what information may be tracked or how it may be used, but we will not sell or give out your personal information.

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