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How do I list the coordinates of a location?

The coordinates of a location should, roughly speaking, mark the center point of the location with latitude and longitude coordinates. If you fail to include coordinates, AQ will attempt to make a best guess at it—perhaps using the city center of your location rather than the specific park. Ideally, you'll want to verify that the coordinates AQ uses are correct if you are not providing them yourself.

Coordinates can be specified in a variety of formats including:

  • 50.3 -120.5
  • 50.3, -120.5
  • -120.5 50.3
  • 50.3 N 120.5 W
  • N 50.3 W 120.5
  • 120.5W 50.3N
  • 50 18 0 -120 30 0
  • 50 18 0N 120 30 0W
  • 50°18'0", -120°30'0"

Regardless of which format you enter coordinates, AQ will always reformat it to display the "50.3, -120.5" format.

NOTE: One of the most common errors while entering coordinates is not using the negative sign for longitude coordinates. Most members on Atlas Quest live in the western hemisphere, at a negative longitude, and forgetting the negative will put your location into the eastern hemisphere—usually in Europe or Asia somewhere.

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