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What is a strikeout?

When multiple people try to find a box and believe it is missing, they'll record an attempt on the box. Each attempt counts as a 'strike' against the letterbox, and after three consecutive strikes, the box has 'struckout.' By default, most searches on Atlas Quest will not include strikeouts in the search results since most people prefer to avoid boxes with long strings of attempts on them. Search results will show an icon with a baseball next to boxes that have a strikeout.

If you see a box with a strikeout, the only thing that tells you is that, the last three people who looked for the box and recorded the attempt failed to find it. It does not mean the box is missing—just that it has not been found recently.

Strikeout Strikeout Strikeout

Related Questions

If one box in a series has struckout, will it strike out the whole series in a search? No, strikeouts apply to the individual boxes within a series—not the entire series.

How do I know which of my boxes have strikeouts? If you check your logbook plants or logbook attempts, you'll see the strikeout icon on boxes that have struck out. You can only see strikeouts on your own plants and attempts in your own logbook. You will not see the icons in other people's logbooks nor on any other pages of your logbook.

I found a box with three or more attempts on it, but it doesn't have a strikeout. Why? Multiple attempts on the same day only count as one attempt. We don't want one group of people who are looking for a box to be able to strike it out—we want confirmation from at least three different groups of searchers that the box cannot be found.

How can I check if a box has been struckout? Strikeouts will show wherever the series information for a box shows up. You'll find it in the clues and on the box details page next to the status and last found dates.

I checked up on my box and it's still there. How do I take the strikes off my box? From the box details page, click the "Update Status" button near the right side of the page. Mark the box as alive and well, save your changes, and AQ will remove the strikes.