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How can I tell if there are any geocaches near the spot I want to hide my letterbox?

  1. go to
  2. hover over the Play link
  3. click on "Hide & Seek a Cache"
  4. do a search by zip code
  5. near the top of the search page that comes up, there's a link entitled 'Map this Location'.
Click on the link to get a map that will show you all nearby geocaches. Here's an example of a map for zipcode: 92802 (Disneyland California)

Caveat: if there are nearby mystery/puzzle caches (? icon) or multi-caches (double cache icon), you won't know where the final cache or all the stages are located (you'll only see the starting point of the mystery or multi). The rule for mystery/puzzle caches are, the posted coordinates should be no more than 1-2 miles (2-3 kilometres) away from the true cache location. There is no proximity rule for multi-caches except that the stages and final must not be closer than .1 miles from another cache or stage in a multi.

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