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Help: New York

  1. Albany Pine Bush Preserve
  2. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, NY
  3. New York State Parks
  4. Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse, New York

Albany Pine Bush Preserve

No letterboxes are allowed in the wild in this park. They are working to establish a box within the Discovery Center, but it is illegal to plant letterboxes in the wild on their property. According to park personnel, sent via e-mail to the Green Tortuga, "It is in violation of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law Part 648."

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, NY

AQ admins received a message from Jim Logan saying that letterboxes are not allowed on their property.

New York State Parks

New York State Parks requires a person or persons to submit an application for a permit when leaving any item in the park. If approved the holder/owner of the permit must comply with the permit standards. Any letterbox or geocache found without a current permit is promptly removed. This is to ensure the safety of our park patrons and the park itself.

From: Latisha Coy, E-mail:
Permit Application:

Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse, New York

Letterboxes are not allowed here without permission from the folks running the cemetery, and from the angry email that admins here got about sending the New York State Attorney General after us for such a heinous crime, it seems very unlikely that that would happen. Don't plant letterboxes here, and don't look for them here.