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Help: Massachusetts

  1. Blue Hills Reservation
  2. Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
  3. Cemeteries in Ayer, MA

Blue Hills Reservation

The authorities here contacted us with the following information about letterboxing on their property:

As of mid April 2011, all letterboxes and geocaches are prohibited from the east of 28 section of the Blue Hills Reservation, Department of Conservation and Recreation, due to the presence of two of the Commonwealth's most endangered species. Off trail and increase trail use activities are a threat to this species, thus, we have been working with the Commonwealth's Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, their Natural Heritage and Endangered Species, as well as the geocache community on ensuring the protection of these species and their habitat.

We are asking the letterboxing community to support our efforts in protecting these delicate and rare species and that all letterboxing is removed from the eastern section of the Reservation. Also, please do not allow any further letterboxing at this location.

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)

Individuals should be ask for permission to place letterboxes in all DCR properties. For more information about DCR, please go to

Cemeteries in Ayer, MA

Letterboxing is definitely not allowed at St Mary's Cemetery or Woodlawn Cemetery! Unless you want to be chewed out big time by an angry director.