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Help: Events & Gatherings

  1. How can I get notifications for newly listed events in my area?
  2. How to I hide my personal travelers on the event listing?
  3. Why do some boxes not show up in an event listing?
  4. How do I list an event?

How can I get notifications for newly listed events in my area?

Event notifications have, for now, been piggy-backed onto letterbox notifications. Any event that matches the location for your favorite letterbox searches that you have set up for notifications will also notify you of events too.

If you want event notifications but not newly listed letterbox notifications, do an advanced search and include search criteria that will be very unlikely to match a real letterbox (such as clicking all of the letterbox attributes). The event will still match—it only checks that the location is correct since the rest of the attributes do not apply to events—and will disqualify letterboxes from matching.

Yes, it's an ugly hack, but it works and can be used immediately instead of having to wait until a better implementation is completed. =)

How to I hide my personal travelers on the event listing?

If you want to hide them from yourself—you won't be finding your own personal travelers and therefore don't need to see them listed—mark your personal travelers as found. The list automatically hides all boxes you've already found, including your own.

If you want to hide your personal travelers from others, you have several options.

  • Mark the personal traveler with a status of unknown, missing, or retired. Only active travelers are included in the list.
  • Remove yourself from the signup list. Only personal travelers of attendees will be displayed.
  • Change the owner to someone else. Atlas Quest assumes its the owner of a traveler that carries it, so even if you're the carver, planter, or author, as long as you are not the owner, Atlas Quest will not include it with the event.

Why do some boxes not show up in an event listing?

Atlas Quest is always trying to serve you the most useful information it can, so it will hide all letterboxes you've already found under the assumption you will not be looking for them a second them, and even if you were, you probably would not need the clue to find it. So if you've already found a particular box, Atlas Quest will not include it in the listings.

This also applies to your own letterboxes. When you maintain a letterbox, it is recorded in the database as a find just like any other find. As a result, if you've marked your own boxes with a find, they will not show up in the event listings.

There are other reasons, but that seems to be the one that trips most people up. Ideally, you would not see any of your own letterboxes since you already know where those are, but too many people panic when they can't see their own letterboxes so your plants will continue to show unless you explicitly mark your box as a find or maintain it. If you no longer want to see your own boxes, simply record a find on it. It will show up in the "Maintenance" section of your logbook rather than as a find, and it will not count towards your official F-count.

Other reasons a box may not show up in the event listing: The box is retired or missing.

For personal travelers, they will only show up if the registered owner is signed up to attend the event.

Traditional letterboxes are limited to 50 results, so if there are a lot of boxes in an area, only the 50 closest to the event location will show.

How do I list an event?

From the main menu, select Toolbox, then Event Calendar. On the right side of the page, under the search box, there is a link to Event Organizer.