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Help: Profiles

  1. How do I change my stamp?
  2. Ships in the Night? What is that?
  3. How do I edit my profile?
  4. How do I create an alias?
  5. How do I add a map of plants and finds of US states to my profile?
  6. How do I fix the density maps on my profile?
  7. How do I add density maps to my profile?

How do I change my stamp?

Click the Replace Signature Stamp just below your signature stamp on your profile. The icon will look like this. From there, you'll be able to upload a new image which will replace the existing one.

If you need to rotate your image because your smartphone or other device uploaded the image with an incorrect orientation, you can edit your signature stamp by clicking the Edit button by your signature stamp.

Ships in the Night? What is that?

This part of the profile shows where you might have crossed paths with the person whose profile you are viewing including:

  • Your traditional plants that they found
  • Your non-traditional plants that they found
  • Their traditional plants that you found
  • Their non-traditional plants that you found
  • Events you both have attended
  • Trackers you both have in common.

If you hover your mouse cursor over most entries, it'll display the date that your ships crossed paths.

How do I edit my profile?

On your profile page, you'll find an edit link (the image of the pencil that looks like Edit) at the beginning of each section that you can edit. You can edit your own profile as well as the profiles of sub-accounts attached to your account.

How do I create an alias?

Go to the My Accounts page (it's under the My Page menubar option). If you're in a sub-account already, you won't see this as an option since only the main account can create sub-accounts.

Then click the Create New Account button and fill out the following form. You'll have the option to create an alias, child or adult account, but you'll select the alias option and submit the details. Alias created!

How do I add a map of plants and finds of US states to my profile?

Premium Members

Premium members can have both plant and find maps automatically generated for the United States. You’ll only see the map if you actually have plants and finds in the United States. There is also an option to disable the maps on your profile if you’d prefer not to see them included, but the maps will be on by default.

Non-Premium Members (or areas outside of the United States)

Maps for the US or other regions can be added to one’s profile by adding a link to an outside site. (World 66 used to be a popular option among letterboxers, but they have gone out of business. If you have an alternate suggestion, please share!) Copy the code given and paste it into the free flowing thoughts section of your profile.

If you use the wiki markup option (most accounts do since that’s the one enabled by default), you will need to replace the <img src="http with [img:http and then change the > to a ].

Also if you would like it to be in its own section, place a “++ Map” just prior to the code.

How do I fix the density maps on my profile?

Premium members have density maps of their plants and finds automatically generated on their profile. States are filled in based on the location of your plants and finds on listed letterboxes where the location is known. Although simple and easy, this is not an infallible system. Mystery boxes may not be counted if AQ doesn't know what state it is in, and sometimes boxes—especially from events—are later relocated to other states making it look like you have finds in states that you've never even been to.

However! As premium members, you have the power to fix this by adding a custom location to such boxes. Be sure to include, at a minimum, the state where you actually found the box.

For instance, take the hypothetical situation where your find map is showing that you've found a box in Illinois—a state that you've never been to.

  • First, run an Advanced Search to search for all boxes in Illinois that you've found. Make sure none of the other settings that hide strikeouts, retired boxes, un-clued boxes and such are checked.
  • For any matches that are found, click the "edit" link next to the custom location box, and add the custom location. You only have to include a state for the maps to be accurate, but you can also add the city, park or address for additional precision.

Also, remember, you can add custom locations to your own boxes as well. For instance, if your only plant in Nevada was a mystery box listed as "somewhere in the United States", AQ won't show a plant in Nevada. But you can add a custom location to your mystery box to tell AQ that the box is really in Nevada and the density map of your plants will then show a plant in Nevada.

How do I add density maps to my profile?

Density maps are a premium member perk. Premium members will see them automatically.