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Help: Letterboxing North America (LbNA)

  1. Who runs LbNA?
  2. What's the difference between LbNA and Atlas Quest?
  3. What's the basement?
  4. If I have letterboxes listed on LbNA, do I have to repost them on Atlas Quest?
  5. How do I record my LbNA finds on Atlas Quest

Who runs LbNA?

The domain name for Letterboxing North America is owned by Choi but a group of people known as the LbNA webmasters administer the website. Most of them aren't webmasters in the traditional sense of the word. The coding for the website and the most public face of the webmasters is Choi. If you are having problems with LbNA, he's the best person to contact.

What's the difference between LbNA and Atlas Quest?

Letterboxing North America (a.k.a. LbNA) is primarily for listing clues and nothing but listing clues. Atlas Quest also allows the listing of clues, but message boards are included directly on the website. Atlas Quest also provides more bells and whistles for those who like tracking additional information and supports non-traditional letterboxes significantly more so than LbNA.

Both sites contain exclusive clues, although some parts of the world tend to favor one site or the other. The folks in the northeastern United States, for instance, tend to favor LbNA while people living in the southeastern United States tend to favor Atlas Quest. For a complete listing of clues, however, you'll need to check both websites.

Both websites allow communication with people who've planted letterboxes. LbNA has a simple messaging facility, while Atlas Quest uses what is known as AQ Mail, message boards and chat rooms for communication.

LbNA is considered the original letterboxing website for North America while Atlas Quest is the younger upstart.

Serious letterboxers will check both websites before embarking on a letterboxing outing.

What's the basement?

The LbNA basement is where old clues go to die on Or sometimes, if a box goes missing, it might end up in the basement until such time it can be replaced and gets pulled back out again.

There is also a Letterbox Basement on Yahoo Groups, created to store old or abandoned clues after the site switched to a 'list your own boxes' system. Previously, clues were sent to webmasters who listed them manually, but as letterboxing continued to grow in popularity, that became a slow, painful way of getting new boxes listed. Any letterboxes that nobody spoke up for ended up in this basement. It is not maintained or updated, so most boxes are probably long missing, but you might find a treasure that nobody else has found for many years by searching these archives.

If I have letterboxes listed on LbNA, do I have to repost them on Atlas Quest?

Letterboxes listed on one site are not automatically posted to the other site, so you'll need to re-list the boxes on Atlas Quest if you want the boxes to show up here or vice-versa.

You do not, however, have to maintain two separate listings of clues. When you enter a letterbox on Atlas Quest, we will ask you where your clue is hosted. You can choose to host your clue on LbNA, Atlas Quest, or your own personal website. If you select the LbNA option, you'll be asked to type in the box number from LbNA for your box. Atlas Quest will then automatically link to your clues on LbNA.

If your clue is hosted on Atlas Quest and you also want to list the boxes on LbNA, they do have an option to let you specify a URL for where a clue is hosted. Open your box on Atlas Quest and copy the information from the address bar into the LbNA website.

How do I record my LbNA finds on Atlas Quest

One of the benefits of premium memberships is the ability to record letterboxes not listed on Atlasquest—such as those only on LBNA. Otherwise you must wait for a "Hat Day" to record your non-AQ listed finds. Here is some extra help.