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Help: Texas

  1. Washington on-the-Brazos State Park
  2. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
  3. Long Creek Cemetery, Sunnyvale, TX

Washington on-the-Brazos State Park

Anyone wishing to place a letterbox in a Washington on-the-Brazos State Park should check-in with park staff first.

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

The folks running this preserve don't allow letterboxing.

Long Creek Cemetery, Sunnyvale, TX

The President of a community cemetery association for Long Creek Cemetery in Sunnyvale, TX, wants everyone to know that letterbox "is against our rules." Furthermore—and this is a direct quote: "Please let your members know not to place their letterboxes in cemeteries. If we do find or witness geocaching on the grounds, law enforcement will be called, and that person will be trespassed."