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  1. Ypsilanti Parks
  2. Genesee County Parks
  3. Great Lakes National Cemetery

Ypsilanti Parks

The Charter Township of Ypsilanti Park Commission and Recreation Department are pleased to support the activities of Geocaching and Letterboxing. We also recognize the need to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing park system while protecting the township's natural resources for the communities' enjoyment. If you desire to place a cache/letterbox, or have already done so, in an Ypsilanti Township park, or township owned lands, please note that Ypsilanti Township has developed guidelines for placement and maintenance of such. The purpose of the guidelines is to protect natural areas, the safety of all park users, and provide for the future use of township owned lands by everyone. Permits, obtained at no cost, are required to place a cache/letterbox on township owned land, including all township public parks

Process for Placing a Cache/Letterbox

  1. File permit and obtain permission from the Recreation Director, or their designee, for the location of the cache. All geocaches/letterboxes must be registered with the township prior to registration and publication with the geocache/letterbox organizations.
  2. Place the cache/letterbox according to the permit and the appropriate organizations guidelines. All caches/letterboxes, larger than micro size, must have visible attachment affixed to the outside of the container indicating the container is a geocache/letterbox. Micro sized containers must indicate inside, on the contents, that it is a part of the geocache/letterbox game.
  3. Register your cache/letterbox on and have it approved.

General Information

Geocache/Letterbox Seeking Guidelines

Ypsilanti Township Geocaching/Letterboxing Policy
Geocaching/Letterboxing Application (PDF)

Help Home > Land Manager Policies > Michigan

Genesee County Parks

Yes, letterboxing is allowed, but you must fill out an application and have your box approved.

Application for Geocache/Letterbox (Word document)

Help Home > Land Manager Policies > Michigan

Great Lakes National Cemetery

The foreman of this cemetery would like everyone to know that it is against the law for any recreational activities to take place on this hallowed ground where loved ones are paying their respects to their loved ones. That is posted at the front gate. Official "floral/grounds policy" stipulates that "to maintain the dignity of the cemetery, commemorative items, balloons, pinwheels, glass items, votive lights, statues, shepherd’s hooks and permanent plantings, among other items, are not allowed."

Help Home > Land Manager Policies > Michigan